The Pedego Podcast

Irish Eyes are Smiling

March 21, 2022

Hear how Peggy Taylor from St. Louis found the proverbial pot o' gold at the end of her rainbow (in the shape of an eBike).  One year after her heart gave out and forced into a frightening heart transplant.  With two bad knees (and few prospects for every getting out in the world again). Until her Irish luck kicked in and led her to a Pedego electric bike store. Where (despite her fear) she found herself up and riding again.  And now can't stop pedaling. Racking up over 2500 miles in her first year since buying her eBike.  With a daily pace (weather permitting) of 30 miles/day.  A heartwarming tale about "Peg O' My Heart" on this special St. Patrick's Day edition of the Pedego Podcast. 

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