The Pedego Podcast

Riding the West (before the rest) feat. Pedego Glendale Peoria and Goodyear

August 15, 2022

Meet two early pioneers of the EBike Revolution, Sherry and Steve Pike, former sales execs for McKesson (one of the largest Medical Supply Companies in the world).  Who after 25 years rising up the corporate ladder had hit a wall and burned out of their corporate careers. Which began their search for something new. A small business to buy that they could call their own.  "So we went to a business broker," says Steve, "who presented us with everything from pizza shops to tire recycling stores, none of which lit the passion or fire we were hoping to find." 

"So I told Steve to go back to his passion," adds Sherry, "which for both of us had always been biking. And start searching there".  And lo and behold, they found Pedego Electric Bikes (long before most people).  Opening their Glendale/Peoria store in the outskirts of Phoenix in 2017.  And becoming (in the process) one of the first eBike stores in the area.

Cut to the chase, and they're now onto their second store in Goodyear, AZ as they continue to "go west" and travel even further on their adventure. Blazing a trail that so many other entrepreneurs and escapees from corporate America have since followed from Wall Street to Main Street and the frontiers of this new eBike Revolution.  On this week's PEDEGO PODCAST.

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