The Pedego Podcast

Never Slowing Down

July 18, 2022

Hear how a couple of active baby boomers have adapted to their age and found a way to keep pedaling and pushing themselves forward. As they continue to pursue "second act careers" in real estate and "developing influential leaders" (like themselves). And pursuing new paths that still lay before them.

So hear the story of how 60 something Brenda Hudson, (after stumbling into a Pedego Electric Bike store in Delaware across from where she was having lunch), finally found a way to keep up with her hard core, bike riding husband, Michael. Who suddenly (after her purchase) found himself in the uncomfortable position of trailing her!

Which led him to take the leap and join the eBike Revolution as well. For health and happiness (and to keep up with his wife!) Opening new trails and paths for this ever evolving power couple.  On this week's ever growing, PEDEGO PODCAST.

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