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Enough Miles on an EBike to Have Ridden Around the World

October 10, 2022

As we begin to wrap up SEASON 2 of the Pedego Podcast, we'll revisit some of our favorite episodes including this one with eBike enthusiast Richard Davis, who after two years of daily riding on his Pedego, realized he'd ridden enough miles to have traveled half way around the world. 

So being the good engineer, Richard began tracking his daily mileage and extrapolating where that would put him each day if he were actually riding around the world (instead of around his own city in Florida).  Turning his daily exercise into an exercise of imagination (and drive) that made him even more determined to reach an amazing 25,000 mile odometer reading (the basic circumference of the Earth).

Hear again Richard's amazing ride "around the world" (at least in his imaginative mind) and how he rode over 25,000 miles on his equally amazing Pedego Electric Bike.  Adding another 1,000 miles shows since this show originally aired earlier this fall. As we continue to chronicle the electrifying "EBike Revolution" and those leading the charge here on the Pedego Podcast.
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