The Pedego Podcast

Cowtown Party Bikes (and Pedego eBikes)

March 7, 2022

If you've ever wondered "what comes next?" hear the amazing journey of Vicki and Neal Peden, who went from a career in real radio (where she was the News Director for a big radio station in Dallas and he was the Chief Engineer). To hanging up their headphones and heading in a totally different direction as the founders of Cowtown Cycle Party, a 16-person BYOB party bike that's like a big bar on wheels. 

A path that eventually led them to eBikes as well, as they opened a complimentary Pedego Electric Bike store for the many others who wanted to ride along on their many guided trips thru the famous Ft. Worth stockyards (and their daily cattle drives). And all the bars and BBQ joints for which Dallas and Ft. Worth are famous. 

A truly wild ride down one of the many "roads less traveled" for these modern day cowboys and eBike Entrepreneurs.  For whom "fun" is an everyday part of their vocabulary (along with "yee haw" and "y'all come").

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