The Pedego Podcast

Being of Service to Others feat. Pedego Grand Rapids

June 20, 2022

As much as we all aspire to be of service to others, there are some for whom those words seem to be more than just a lofty goal.  Such a person is Tom Mulligan, who after 10 years of having fun in Radio and TV, felt compelled to transition into a career in social work where he could more directly help others in need.  In which he found a niche helping refugees in his adopted hometown of Grand Rapids, Michigan resettle into a new community. Helping people who'd left their war stricken world for a chance at something better. 

And that's when the seed was born in Tom's mind for his own piece of the American Dream. To own his own business, but one that still allowed him some way to connect with people and serve the community. And that's where this unlikely journey took a twist and down a path he'd never seen towards opening an electric bike store.  A product that served a need and provided a personal path towards health and happiness. And still gave him a sense of doing something positive for the community.

Join us for an amazing journey of "service to others" on this week's Pedego Podcast. With a good guy running a good business in the Heartland of America.

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